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DISTRICT was formed by three friends who share a love for the music that inspired them to do what they love the most. Located in the Bay Area, DISTRICT wants to create a newfound appreciation for the music they love. From funky jams, to pumping hard licks, the pulsing rhythm of DISTRICT's music is meant to keep the spirit of rocking out alive.

In 2016, lead singer/guitarist Marco Stassi met drummer, Miles Elze. The two formed a deep musical connection and started jamming regularly. After Marco called his longtime friend, Connor O'toole  to play bass for an upcoming DISTRICT gig, the trio found that making music together was something they wanted to pursue professionally.



Lead vocals and guitar

With a childhood filled with the sound of his Grandfather's electric guitar, Marco's love for music started at the age of seven when he started playing piano. Marco picked up the guitar two years later and quickly found a love for it. A founding member of DISTRICT, Marco currently plays in several jazz bands in addition to rocking with DISTRICT.

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Drums and backing vocals

Miles was practically born with drum sticks in his hands. Drumming since he was three years old, Miles refers to his first drum set as the start of his life. At the age of eleven, Miles was diagnosed with extreme anxiety. Because of his anxiety Miles is homeschooled and  is able to carve out more time for his drumming. Along with it being his number one passion, Miles has discovered that playing the drums helps him to escape the strong grip that anxiety holds. As a self taught drummer, making music with DISTRICT is one of Miles' biggest inspirations to become better at what he loves most. 

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Bass guitar and backing vocals

Connor began his music career with the guitar when he was in middle school.  To expand his musical horizons, Connor picked up the bass and immediately found a new love for the instrument. A long time friend of Marco's, Connor was thrilled when he was called in to play bass for a gig with DISTRICT.  Marco, Miles, and Connor instantly formed  a musical connection during that gig and Connor became the new bassist of DISTRICT.


1st Place

2019 Teen Battle of the Bands 

Oakland, CA
Lafayette, CA

2nd Place

2019 Teen Battle of the Bands 

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